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The Federalist Society is a prominent law and public policy organization in Washington, DC. It uses digital media to communicate with over 70,000 members nationwide.

FedSoc has worked with Fiat Insight to build multiple websites for its flagship projects over the years. Among these are the Regulatory Transparency Project and Article I Initiative.

Regulatory Transparency Project

Unlocking Innovation & Opportunity

FedSoc's Regulatory Transparency Project promotes a national conversation about the benefits and costs of federal, state, and local regulatory policies and explores areas for possible improvement.

Our challenge was to build a site that would allow the quality of the project's content to shine through with minimal distractions—that included white papers, podcasts, and videos.

We designed and built a balanced, easy-to-use site that doesn't overwhelm users and is easy to manage for the project team.

Article I Initiative

The Article I Initiative is a non-partisan effort to restore Congress to its rightful place in the Constitutional order. It aims to bring left and right together towards the institution which is meant to be most representative of the American people.

The website we built allows program staff to promote events, publish content, and post media easily and via a clean, intuitive template. It also features an anonymous publication for congressional staffers called the Hideaway Blog.

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